Outdoor Aluminum Bleachers


Strength, Durability and Fit & Finish

  • Making sure that one plank is aligned with the adjacent plank not showing gaps and/or deflection.
  • Assuring the aisle, guardrail and hand rail is plumb, true and smooth in order for it to not only look appealing, but making it safe as well.
  • Keeping material finishes consistent throughout the bleacher with no variation in color.
  • Covering expansion/contraction joints between foot planks with transition strips.
  • Filling seat bracket riser panels to create a smooth riser finish and eliminate cavities for trash and other debris
  • Using Galvanized hardware in lieu of Cadmium Plated. (Galvanized coating is at least 5-10x thicker than the Zinc making it more corrosion resistant by far.)
  • Manufacturing seat supports from aluminum angle in lieu of galvanized steel.  (More LEED/environmentally friendly.)

We share the same outlook as the company we represent; Outdoor Aluminum Inc. We believe that the customer cares just as much about the aesthetic look of their stadium/bleacher as we do.  While spending just as much time on the understructure and parts unseen by the public as we do on the top side of the bleacher; we don't just "think" our products are the best in the industry, we know it!

We strive to be the best in the industry and understand there are very few manufacturers willing to the extra mile to ensure everything fits the way it should.  Outdoor Aluminum Inc. prides itself on not offering “Gimmick” products, but offering a “Top Quality” product.

As you look over our site we invite you to scrutinize our Fit & Finish.  You will see we care about our products and have paid great attention, not only to the big picture, but the small details as well.  We feel certain you will find that Outdoor Aluminum has the best Fit & Finish in the industry!