Bleacher Inspections

MasterCraft to provides your over 70 years combined experience in bleacher inspections, bleacher service and repair knowledge. We provide a professional and knowledgeable staff with an extensive background in bleacher inspections.  MasterCraft provides code, safety and risk management inspections on new as well as past bleacher companies as seen below:

  • Universal Bleachers
  • Medart Bleachers
  • Brunsiwck Bleachers
  • Safeway Bleachers
  • Folding Bleachers
  • Berlin Bleachers
  • Wayne Folding Bleachers
  • Wayne Iron Bleachers 


International Code Council (ICC-300)
Standards for Bleachers, Folding and Telescopic Seating, and Grandstands
Section 501: 501.1-2

"Existing bleachers, folding and telescopic seating, and grandstands that exist prior to the adoption of this standard shall comply with this chapter and the applicable provisions of Chapter 1... All existing tiered seating shall be inspected and evaluated at least once a year by a qualified person for the compliance with the provisions of this chapter. All folding and telescopic seating shall be inspected to evaluate compliance with the manufacturer's installation and operational instructions, including an inspection during the opening and closing of such seating."

National Fire Protection Agency 102-2011
Standard for Grandstands, Folding and Telescopic Seating
Chapter 6: 6.6 Maintenance and Operation of Folding and Telescopic Seating

"An annual inspection and required maintenance of each grandstand shall be performed to ensure safe conditions. At least biennially, the inspection shall be performed by a professional engineer, registered architect, or individual certified by the manufacturer."


MasterCraft is a Currently Certified Installer for all of the top bleacher manufacturers on the market today including, but not limited to:

  • Sheridan Bleachers
  • Hussey Seating
  • Irwin Seating 
  • Interkal Bleachers

After completion of each school/project, you will also be furnished with a written inspection for each school in your district covering the following areas:

  1. Code Compliance
  2. Liability and Risk Management 
  3. Mechanical Repairs Needed
  4. Aesthetic Possibilities   

This Inspection Report will empower you with the knowledge you need to adequately maintain and/or upgrade your current bleachers.