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The New Spring Hill High School Gymnasium Bleachers

Wednesday, September 04, 2013  - RSS

Lexington District Five welcomed the new addition of Spring Hill High School to their family! The new school is an all magnet school focused on 21st century skills.  MasterCraft was fortunate to be apart of the exciting new addition.  We were able to install telescopic bleachers in the home of the Stallions!  The school and the seating are a bar above the rest.

Safety is always the first concern when looking at bleachers that your fans will be sitting in but we all want it  to be aesthetically pleasing just as much.  With these telescopic bleachers and modular seats with the inlay of the school's initials, in the school's colors,  you got that all in one package. Whether you have a new facility or an existing we can out fit you with top notch seating for all your fans!