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Spectator Safety and your Bleachers

Monday, September 23, 2013  - RSS

Sporting events are filled with excitement and enjoyment for everyone! Each spectator that takes a seat during the event puts their trust in your bleachers.  They trust that you have taken the proper precautions to ensure their safety.  Such as yearly inspections by a certified inspector that will make sure the bleachers meet code, check for damage that could compromise the integrity of the structure and that it is functioning properly.  This is a minor yearly cost that many times schools and facilities would rather take the chance than pay.  Don't take that chance! It will costs much more if innocent spectators are injured.  

Sadly several weeks ago with the start of football, 2 stories came out of spectators being injured during a game due to a bleacher collapsing and the other was a railing that gave way.

Give the same attention to your bleachers as you put into making your sporting event incredible!  Protect your spectators, contact us today to schedule your bleacher maintenance! Don't hesitate another day!