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Boys & Girls Club of The Midlands

Friday, September 02, 2016

MasterCraft Renovation Systems, LLC had the pleasure to help make this happen.  We couldn't be more proud!

Camden, SC (WLTX) - On Tuesday afternoon more than 100 people gathered at the Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands Jackson Teen Center in Camden for the grand opening of their new "Dream Court."

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New Stands - Great Fans

Monday, November 30, 2015

New Ridge View High School Gym Bleachers

As part of Richland School District 2's plan to upgrade numerous facilities around the district, Ridge View High School gets a beautiful new set of bleachers.   MasterCraft worked with the district and school, known for their incredible basketball prowess to create this great new addition for the 20 year old school. 

Bleacher End-Closures to set these bleachers off and keep patrons out!


Bleacher Maintenance Case Study

Monday, March 17, 2014

An OUNCE of Prevention is worth MILLIONS in Repairs:

Our own case studies along with others in the industry show that over a 5 year period schools with Preventative Bleacher Maintenance Agreements spent 16% less than those schools without an agreement.  The reason is for the expedited Emergency Repairs which include maintenance. That is 16% of YOUR budget that can be allocated towards the classrooms; not your bleachers!

This study also showed that those with a high importance on maintenance showed a 64% reduction in Emergency Work Orders and a 70% reduction in Insurance Claims over other schools.

International Code Council (ICC-300) and the National Fire and Protection Agency (NFPA) both highly recommend “Preventative Bleacher Maintenance” at least once per calendar year, performed by a qualified company. 

MasterCraft is certified by all of the leading bleacher manufacturers which include Sheridan, Hussey, Interkal, Irwin and others.  All of our technicians have been through extensive site training and are highly qualified for the tasks they perform.   MasterCraft also has certified a electrician on staff at all times to take care of emergency bleacher repairs. 

After every preventative maintenance project we perform, we inform you the customer of the completion of that project in written form followed up with General Conditions Report detailing any extraordinary repairs needed as well as predicting future repairs such as new friction rollers and replacement seats.  Be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE!

Madison High School

Monday, February 10, 2014

MasterCraft didn't miss a beat during the holidays, crews were busy at work on Madison High School's new indoor telescopic bleachers.  We were able to complete this massive job while the students were out on break.  Our crews were even able to enjoy a little snow while they were up in North Carolina!  

Located in Marshall, North Carolina Madison High School, home of the Patriots, was established in 1973.  With new telescopic bleachers the gym looks to be rejuvenated!  It is amazing what a transformation can occur when you simply update the seats.  These seats will be enjoyed by Madison High School Patriots now and many more Patriots to come.


New Stadium a Touchdown for Mercer University - MPSA

Thursday, January 16, 2014

After a 71-year hiatus from football, Mercer University capped their inaugural season by setting the mark for the best record in NCAA Division-1 history for a start-up program.  The Bears’ new football stadium and field house, designed by McMillan Pazdan Smith, stadium built by MasterCraft and Outdoor Aluminum Inc., was recently featured with a cover story in Private University and Product News. Read More>

New Bleachers for Recreation Centers

Monday, December 30, 2013

MasterCraft had the pleasure to outfit three recreation centers in Concord, NC with new telescopic bleachers.  Hartsell Recreation Center, Academy Recreation Center and Logan Multi-Purpose Center all are now set to have their spectators sit in their new seats!  It never gets old seeing how new bleachers can revive the look of a gym.  Small space?  We have telescopic bleachers that will fit!  Our plastic seat modules are a simple way to add your school's color to the bleachers. 
Click Below to View Gallery 

We have been working hard through the holidays and can not wait to share our finished product with you! Be looking out for our next post!  Happy New Year!

Update Your Gym By Adding New Gared Basketball Goals

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not only can MasterCraft update your seating in your gymnasium but we can update those forgotten basketball goals.  It is amazing how often basketball goals are not properly maintained or never updated.  We recently went into Charleston Collegiate and updated their goals.  It is such an easy upgrade with huge impact on the look of the gym, not to mention the safety of players and spectators.  We partner with Gared, the leader in manufacturing sports equipment, to make sure you get the quality you deserve.  Have goals that need just a little attention?  We do that too! Maintaining what you have is important to get the full life out of every goal.  So contact us today to set up maintenance on existing goals or if your gym is ready for brand new ones!

Good As New Bleachers and Scoreboards

Friday, October 18, 2013

From time to time we have customers that are looking to replace their gently used, with in-code bleachers.  We are able to offer a discount to them for the removal of the bleachers.  Mastercraft gets the opportunity to sell these previously owned bleachers to a customer who may have never thought bleachers would be in there budget.  

We don't only come across previously owned bleachers; just in time for basketball season we have a great deal on a pre-owned wireless Nevco 2500 scoreboard. It would take your gymnasium to the next level. Don't hesitate to contact us for pricing and further information.  

Keep checking for previously owned items on our website.  It might be just what you've been waiting for to take your gym from standard to excellent with a price to fit your budget!

Spectator Safety and your Bleachers

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sporting events are filled with excitement and enjoyment for everyone! Each spectator that takes a seat during the event puts their trust in your bleachers.  They trust that you have taken the proper precautions to ensure their safety.  Such as yearly inspections by a certified inspector that will make sure the bleachers meet code, check for damage that could compromise the integrity of the structure and that it is functioning properly.  This is a minor yearly cost that many times schools and facilities would rather take the chance than pay.  Don't take that chance! It will costs much more if innocent spectators are injured.  

Sadly several weeks ago with the start of football, 2 stories came out of spectators being injured during a game due to a bleacher collapsing and the other was a railing that gave way.

Give the same attention to your bleachers as you put into making your sporting event incredible!  Protect your spectators, contact us today to schedule your bleacher maintenance! Don't hesitate another day!

The New Spring Hill High School Gymnasium Bleachers

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Lexington District Five welcomed the new addition of Spring Hill High School to their family! The new school is an all magnet school focused on 21st century skills.  MasterCraft was fortunate to be apart of the exciting new addition.  We were able to install telescopic bleachers in the home of the Stallions!  The school and the seating are a bar above the rest.

Safety is always the first concern when looking at bleachers that your fans will be sitting in but we all want it  to be aesthetically pleasing just as much.  With these telescopic bleachers and modular seats with the inlay of the school's initials, in the school's colors,  you got that all in one package. Whether you have a new facility or an existing we can out fit you with top notch seating for all your fans!



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