Goal Maintenance

At MasterCraft, we take the word "Maintenance" very seriously.  Maintenance to us is the "physical" act of maintaining or "upkeep" of an existing structure.  This means we don't just "inspect" the operation of the goal; We physically check every nut, bolt, cable, safety feature, power winch etc on the structure to keep it operating at its highest peak everyday.

Recommended at least once a year, our maintenance plan also includes adjusting the backstop to NCAA regulations.



  • Examine cable drum on winch for excessive wear or looseness.
  • Ensure cable is wrapping correctly, and that “stacking” (cable wrap- ping unevenly in layers) does not occur.
  • Check key switch operation. Make sure keys work properly, and that winches respond correctly.
  • Make sure winch is properly anchored. Make sure anti-rotation bolts are installed. If winch has slipped slightly, correct and tighten bolts using an impact wrench.


  • Check cable for excessive wear or looseness.
  • Inspect cable pulleys for tightness.
  • Inspect cable clamps for tightness; Make sure there is no slippage.
  • Check cable for fraying.


  • Check safety strap for tears or fraying.
  • Inspect safety strap structure attachment. Make sure bolts and clamps are tight, and that the unit has not slipped.
  • Inspect for proper locking.


  • Inspect backstop attachment and superstructure. Ensure all bolts and clamps are tight and have not shifted.
  • Ensure all clamps are tight and in their original positions. Check for cracks, corrosion, or other signs of damage or excessive wear.
  • Inspect back, front and side braces; and ensure knuckles are folding correctly.
  • Check height adjuster for loose clamps and binding that keeps it from operating correctly (if applicable).
  • Lubricate inner tubes of height adjusters with white lithium grease.
  • Inspect backboard and goal for cracks or bending.
  • Ensure top of rim is 10' above the floor, and level.
  • Ensure backstop is vertically plumb, and that bank is horizontally level.
  • Check padding for tears, missing pieces, or loose connections.


  • MasterCraft will provide customer with a written General Conditions report along with any repairs/replacements deemed necessary for proper operation and safety.

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